Saturday, January 26, 2008

SMWSA - Three Years and One Annual Event or Road Trips

Last Fall marked my third Chicago Scotch Malt Whiskey Society Event. The Union League Club of Chicago has hosted the event for the last three years. However, the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society and The Robb Report sponsors the event along with the membership and guests who attend. I finally joined SMWSA and purchased about 6 bottles from Binny's based upon my tastes. I am not into blends and can't stomach Chivas Regal unlike old grandad. In spite of the local political babble, I soon realized that my thirst for a good single malt scotch has not disappeared as long as I have someone in tow.

Contrary to popular belief, scotch drinkers are not all stodgy old pickled characters with monicles. I found that it is how you drink scotch whiskey and which scotch is selected that can make or break interest. To this day, my dad thinks that scotch is for WASPs and that it tastes as good as formaldehyde. I guess that we have different tastes, but try to avoid drinking alone. I thought that encouraging a bit of interest in something other than the debatable length of Joe Moore's nose might be a good thing.

I was pitted between appreciating the challenges of The Heartland Cafe and Craig's desire to keep eager rats out of the alleys, among other questionable characters east of Clark and Morse, among other places. Of course, I realized that my nearby neighbors to the west don't know the difference between a rat and an oppossum.

Having signs repeatedly pronged into our parkway lawn and watching one political incumbent enter a nursing home at the time that it served as a polling place created some wind of concern. I also got tired of seeing important issues over looked for the sake of a city-wide foie gras ban possibly co-sponsored by Loretta Swit. Eventually, Kevin Erskine ran dry on Delilah's, so this may be where I pick up Chicago's interest in scotch whiskey.

I think that every party or position has someone who advocates on its behalf. That is why "politics makes for strange bed fellows." However, if I read or write too many political rants about some screwed up political endorsement or inconsiderate political trespass, then I think that I am going to choke on the verbal vernacular. Believe me, good scotch won't do it.

I am searching for scotch afficionados, who 'will' put down their political sceptors (if there is an inclination) and refrain from comments for a dram or two. I have an undying fondness for my neighborhood and its diversity. I think that people who remain in the neighborhood want the same, but my hope is that neighbors can find common ground and not spew frustration. In an effort to encourage comments from locals about single malt scotch and Chicago/Rogers Park retailers, I have started this blog. I am also interested in the descriptions of and preferences for certain untapped casks of Balvenie, Highland Park, The Glenrothes, Talisker, among others. I will gratuitously post my choices. In fact, I may go into the tea direction, as well, since I drink more tea than scotch these days.

To start, I point out one of Rogers Park's more fascinating scotch whiskey finds, which is located at Rogers Park Fine Wine and Spirits at 6733 N. Clark, which is on the northeast corner of Clark and Columbia. The owner is down to earth and it is a good option to a road trip to Binny's in Skokie complete with driver. I also want to point out Delilah's

I also encourage those in Chicago, who want to find a common location to do comparisons, schedule an even plan an event at Binny's or 6733 N. Clark, to begin to open up communication. This offer is open to all, even to our Alderman, among others, with the promise to push no buttons other than to pay a bill.

It may also offers some businesses and restaurants the option to make some money on food or rental of their space. I understand that we can now seal our open bottles and take them home. Perhaps, bars or restaurants can charge for corking and sealing unfinished scotch bottles, but I have not reviewed the newer Illinois Statute, yet. Perhaps, someone can eventually host. However, you can't house all scotch under one roof.
I am open to suggestions, but my intention is to post preferences, discuss how to use your nose and tongue, evaluate some local retailer's selections, perhaps, and do what I can to promote a few who want to share a few bottles. Over the years, I have amassed about four high grade bourbons and fifteen scotch whiskeys, among a variety of vintages that may have turned to vinegar over the years. Perhaps, there are others with the same experience, since it seems like the brothers from the University have gone in different directions.