Monday, March 9, 2009

World of Whisky at Binny's South - Single Malt Op of the Year

Binny's, under the supervision of Brett Pontoni, will host the World of Whisky on March 31, 2009 at its South Loop Location on Jefferson just north of Roosevelt. At $50 with a Binny's card, this event is a sell out. It is also a cheap and easy opportunity to taste what is available in Single Malt Scotch. Recommendation: make a reservation now!

Some recommendations before, at and after event: eat first, drink water, and toss in the buckets what you think you don't like as much. Also, consider the CTA No. 12 Roosevelt Bus West/East to and from the Roosevelt Red line Stop, among other Public Transportation options. The Red line takes you directly to/from the Howard Terminal. For more info go to Consider Manny's Deli across the street from Binny's. Bring a friend and you get a $9.95 discount from Manny's if you have a WBEZ card.

The Malt Advocate Event may prove repetitious and double or triple the price.