Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Midwest Single Malt Appreciation Society and House of Glunz Host November Scotch Events

For those who suddenly come upon this site, House of Glunz hosts a not so well promoted single malt scotch tasting event at its store at 1206 N. Wells. Yes, there is public transportation back to Rogers Park for those that want it.

Christopher Donavan will host the event with a series of in-house selections according to this link.

The House has a historical relationship in the City of Chicago. The event will cost $35 dollars.

Macallan is having a series of Chicago tastings by invitation or registration at its website for the week starting November 16. I don't have much information, but check with its website sources for more information. It is unclear whether Macallan will have the typical selections. Hopefully, it will pull out something more extraordinary for those accustomed to the standard fare.

The Midwest Single Malt Appreciation Society Hosts its Bunnahaban Tasting on November 18, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at Binny's South in Chicago at South Jefferson and W. Roosevelt Roads. The cost of this event is $30.

Expect at least seven to nine bottles notable expressions of this golden nector, complete with the expertise of some of Chicago's Single Malt intelligencia, and Scottish ex-patriots, depending upon who shows up.

The group usually pits two similar expressions against each other until it picks a single malt of the night.

Does anyone know an Arbegeddon Ringleader? I have a few bottles worthy of such an event.