Tuesday, February 23, 2010

International Whisky Competition for Whyte & Mackay?

I could not resist the temptation. Does this look like one big marketing gimmick for Whyte and Mackay? We'll have to wait and see.

International Whisky Competition

Although, I appreciate and stock a number of Dalmores, Isle of Juras, and look forward to the release of Amhrut. Why have a stacked competition merely as marketing gimmickery, pomp and circumstance?

Should anyone with credibility get involved if no more entries show up? Who is Michael P. Petrucci?

Was there much creativity in this so far? Perhaps, it sounds interesting in theory. Who actually votes? The judges and the public? How and where will the public vote? Stay tuned, I'll speak with one of the judges, manana.

I would think that you'd get a line up of competitors or an organization worth its credibility, host it, and include those who can carry the day.

Who is missing?

James Murray
William Meyer
John Hansell
Mark Gillespie

I appreciate that Brett Pontoni has thrown his hat into the ring, but I feel like the field