Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Benny's Chophouse on Wabash, Once Again, What Else is Known and Overlooked?

Who has been to Benny's on Wednesday? Seems like nice assortment at a reasonable price for a chop house along with the Wednesday oyster deal. It definitely puts the McCormick and Schmick Single Malt selection to shame. What is the Potin Stil in Rogers Park like? Enough whisky or whiskey? Any thoughts on Rogers Park watering houses with single malt?

Does anyone have a lesser known Chicago area favorite, with almost reasonable dram prices, other than Binny's South Loop, Captal Grille, Clark Street Ale House, Delilah's, Duke of Perth, or Peninsula Hotel?  If so, then why? And yes, I know a few more but appreciate the thoughts of others as well a refresher of what I may have missed out on.

When I have the time and someone who wants to walk more than a block from their condo. . . hint hint . . . I often, not always stop off at Clark Street Ale House. However, when I want to sit down and enjoy the furniture, I find myself in Peninsula, Seasons, or the The Wit.