Monday, September 27, 2010

Is Bland Better? Does the Diet Matter Before Dramming?

One thing that I have learned is not to try to sell a friend on single malt after an Indian or Mexican meal!  My first glass of Chivas Regal was ruined by a spicy meal.  It took me a decade, perhaps longer, to believe that any form of scotch could actually taste good. 

As a result, I became a tea drinker. Pettigrew, not Jackson or Murray was my guidebook.  I still enjoy loose tea and favor Keemun with Souchong, in the morning, but it depends upon my mood.

If there is one thing that I noticed for me is that a bland diet is best before tasting single malt. I have heard a blender, or another professional, comment on one of Mark Gillespie's Whiskycasts that he has the same challenge, so he avoids spicy food.  In addition, Official Macallan tastings often start with bowls of walnuts? Is this an attempt to revive the tastebuds?

If I have that samosa or salsa, then single malt may turn into a spicy oblivion of near useless heat. At that point, I'm no longer tasting, I'm wasting.  When I fear the worst, I usually test my tastebuds and if they aren't working, I not drinking single malt.  Maybe beer or wine, but not scotch.

How bland will my diet need to land? I'm unsure.  Salt seems less destructive. How long must you stay away from that burrito or hot and sour soup? What seems to mess up your tastebuds?  If you're striken, then how long do you take a licking?  Do you notice a difference?

For me, it seems like I have to wait the better part of a day, arguable longer, before I can savor the flavor, again.  So do you remain bland and enchanted? Or are you able to find single malt contentment as you haul down the jalapenos?

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